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Glowy Illuminating Blush Drops – Pink Martini

15ml / 0.5FL. OZ.

This silky, lightweight, 2in1 blush & highlighter makes sure you’ll get that perfect naturally flushed cheekbone.
The lightweight highlighter infused in the fragrance-free liquid blush gives you that dewy, fresh glow, while also providing a natural blush for your cheeks. Great for all-day wear since the blush drops last for up to 16 hours.

💚 Gives a natural glow.
💚 Very lightweight formula.
💚 Plumping cheekbones.



Using this 2in1 highlighter in the right amount and in the right places can give your face a smooth, younger looking luminous look with a subtle gleam.

A natural glow! After applying the blush drops on to the face it gives a natural and shiny glow. 

Because of the lightweight formula, the blush is very easy to apply on the skin and feels very softening while applying and after. It does not feel like make up!

The lightweight formula in combination with a pure skin leads to a brightening of the skin.

With the help of the light glitters, the skin will shimmer more than ever before.

Pentylene Glycol
It ensures that the growth of microorganisms on the skin is inhibited. At the same time, it moisturizes the skin, which therefore looks tighter.

Pitera (GFF)
Brighten up tired and dull-looking skin, nourish and revitalize the skin while reducing signs of aging.

Cranberry Juice
Contains bioactive compounds that have been found to limit microbial infections, oxidative processes, inflammation, and cell proliferation.

Xylitol boosts skin hydration levels by improving skin barrier functions.

Step 1:
Make sure that you shake the tube before using it.

Step 2:
Put a small amount of the Glowy Illuminating Blush Drops, on your fingertips or directly to the part of the skin, you want the blush or highlight.

Step 3:
Use your fingertips, a brush, or a sponge to gently pat the product into the skin.

For daily use. Test on the skin before use!

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Glowy Illuminating Blush Drops – Pink Martini
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